Once Again, the Dominican Republic is the first country to support Haiti after natural disasters

Once Again, the Dominican Republic is the first country to support Haiti after natural disasters

On the decision of President Danilo Medina, a convoy of 500 vehicles containing different types of aid crossed the border towards Haiti . President Danilo Medina ordered the sending of  fresh and processed food, mattresses, building materials, heavy equipment to repair damaged infrastructure (roads, bridges…) drugs, vaccines against rabies, chlorination systems for water purification.(Haitilibre).

According to official sources,  the government also sent 10 mobile kitchens into Haiti, each one with the capacity to provide 50,000 food rations. Also sent were 39 truckloads of non-cooked food, 46 doctors, among them 10 trauma specialists from the Dario Contreras Hospital in Santo Domingo.( DominicanToday)

Furthermore, the president will allow the three hospitals under construction in the border area to provide medical care to prevent the spread of disease, including cholera. After the meeting, Jose Ramon Peralta during a press conference declared “The support of the Dominican Republic to Haiti is very large. We ask for the solidarity of all Dominicans who can contribute. It is important to go help Haiti and stop epidemics,” adding that border controls are maintained, while it is reported an upsurge Haitians trying to enter illegally in Dominican territory. ( HaitiLibre)

Peralta will travel to Jimani Wednesday to oversee the beginning of the delivery of aid to Port-au-Prince. The Dominican army will ensure coordination in the neighboring territory, shipments both on land and on the sea.( HaitiLibre)






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