Ferry Santo Domingo Puerto Rico resuming

Ferry Santo Domingo Puerto Rico resuming

Ferry Santo Domingo Puerto Rico is finally resuming the route as per asserted by Ferries del Caribe CEO Néstor Gonzalez on Thursday. Gonzalez said repairs on the ramp of its vessel damaged in Santo Domingo Port will start this week.

Ferry Santo Domingo Puerto Rico

In a statement released in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the company said the damaged resulted when one of the boat’s moorings gave way, and the boat ramp collided with containers on the dock.

The Ferry Santo Domingo  – Puerto Rico route has become an important stream of tourism exchange between the two islands in the last decade.

Ferry Dominican Republic Puerto Rico ( Ferries del Caribe) president Néstor González said the inaugural will take place in Puerto Rico, with Government officials Dominican personalities in Puerto Rico and tourism, business and media representatives.

He said the ferry boat will sail Monday, Wednesday and Friday from San Juan to Santo Domingo at 7pm and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Santo Domingo to San Juan, also at 7pm.

“Officials of the Port Authority of the Dominican Republic and the management company of San Souci Port of Santo Domingo inspected the port facilities and the boat with the management of Ferries del Caribe,” the company said.

The company Caribbean Ferries announced on April that will resume the Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico route starting May, six months after it was halted by the fire aboard its cruise ship, America Cruise Ferries, EFE reports.

Ferry Santo Domingo Puerto Rico director Néstor González García said the service will be provided with a new, more modern and larger ship than the previous boat.

No ferry, higher airfares

“It’s unbelievable how the cost of airline tickets rose as soon as the maritime service was interrupted,” Gonzales said in a statement.

It adds that the vessel can resume operations in two weeks, “which will allow meeting the demand of the summer vacations between both destinations.”


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