Haina port to lead agro traffic of the region with RD$350M in automation

Haina port to lead agro traffic of the region with RD$350M in automation

Santo Domingo.-  Haina Occidental port will feature the first and most modern facilities to handle and store raw materials from the country´s and the Caribbean´s food industry, at a cost of RD$350 million in the first stage.

The mechanization system is expected to save producers as much as 30% on the cost to offload goods t.

The system, called Ojiva is an effort by the Dominican company SANUT and agro organizations, which expect to handle more than 50% of farm products, has been installed at the site where the Haina sugar mill once operated.

Project partners Miguel Leonis Lajara and Francisco Fernandez said Ojiva´s three stages will triple the capacity to store solid and liquid bulk, with which the port will handle the most traffic in that sector.

They said the modernized and automated structure at Terminal Four will to, offload, store and ship imported grains for the food industry, with a mechanism which will cut the download time by half and resulting in a 200% yield in operations.

Quoted by hoy.com.do, the business leaders added that the system will offload products such as corn, soybean, wheat and other stored bulk materials and used to produce feed for chickens, cattle, hogs, goat and other animals.


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