Immigration Department

Immigration DepartmentImmigration Department of the Dominican Republic

The Immigration Department  is an administrative organization in the Dominican Republic, under charge of the Ministry of the Interior and Police; responsible for enforcing the immigration laws, with the goal of controlling the entry and exit of foreigners and Dominican citizens while regulating the stays of those that meet the conditions of their immigration category.

The General Director of Immigration’s rules are correspondent under the provisions of Law No. 285-0 and it’s Regulation No. 631-11, exercising the following functions:

  • Control of the entry and exit of travelers in the country.
  • Keep a record of travelers and foreign nationals entering and exiting the country.
  • Supervising the status of foreigners and their immigration status in the country.
  • Providing residency in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Grant re-entry permits to foreigners who have residence status in the country.
  • Grant changes, extensions, and stays of immigrants who are admitted as a temporary resident.
  • Maintain and monitor the borders on which nationals and foreigners may enter and exit the country, by approval of the Executive Branch.
  • Reporting illegal entries and/or stay of foreigners in the Dominican Republic who cannot prove their immigration status to the country.
  • Instrument and execute procedures of canceling permanent residency in the country.
  • Regulate the entry of foreign immigrants.
  • Reporting the denial of entry or deportation of foreigners who do not meet the requirements of the law.
  • Enforce the deportation, denial, or expulsion ordered by governing authorities.
  • Inspect international transport, verifying it to be in compliance with current regulations relating to the entry and departure of foreign and domestic goods and crews, documenting any offenses.
  • Inspect places of business/workplaces.
  • Implement the necessary steps to take action against infractions of the law, and advised appropriate judicial authorities.
  • Run in concurrence with other national, foreign, a and international organizations concerned of the development and management of programs related to the return of immigrants and foreigners admitted as residence; in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to create an information center to advise immigrants who wish to settle in the country.
  • Establish agreements with both public and private institutions with regard to immigration; both in relation to the process of immigration control and the regulation thereof, and with regard to the social and economic impact of this process, either independently or in cooperation with the National Council for Immigration.
  • Require national police and military to carry out the functions of immigration control on the entry and exit of people; when not satisfied by administrative, police, or military personnel under the direction of the General Director of Immigration.
  • Ensure the due process of programs linked to those seeking asylum, refugees, and status of voluntary return of migrants and protection laws.
  • Coordinate the activities of other organization cooperating with the State Department’s immigration sector.