Whales in Samana

Whales in Samana

whales1One of the most beautiful trips in the Dominican Republic there is a visit to the Shrine of humpback whales in the Bay of Samaná and the Silver Bank, located in the Northwest.

Where every year between December and April, some 3,000 humpback whales come to breed in the warm waters off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Samaná Bay has the privilege of being known internationally as one of the best places for watching the Humpback Whales in Samana.

Males over 40 tons, emerge from the water and take a leap trying to attract the female. If this fails try to seduce them through a song that only they can hear within a radius of about 30 km.

The song lonely male looking for a partner can be heard echoing in the waters of Samaná Bay, while other groups of males compete aggressively for the right to accompany the fertile females.

Pregnant females give birth and nurse their calves, preparing for the long journey north. Whales youth learn by example from adults reproductive roles that will ensure the future of the species.

whales in samana



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